Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Reveals Her Cute Niece

As Lunar New Years is an important holiday for Korea, it’s hard not to have at least one photo of a celebrity hanging out with family.

On January 31, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri tweeted a photo along with the message, “It’s been a while since I’ve last met Hye Bin~ Besides Hye Bin I have ten other nieces and nephews.. keke. Everyone please grow up well~ And everyone please have a good new year~ Be prosperous in 2014!”

In the photo, Hyeri kneels next to her niece in a bedroom. She sports a casual grey sweater while Hye Bin gets festive wearing a pastel tone hanbok. Both pose for the camera in an ulzzang fashion, making sure only their best angle is captured.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day is currently enjoying great popularity with a sexier image for “Something.”

girl's day hyeri niece