Heechul Gets Excited Over Disney’s “Frozen”

Heechul of Super Junior has joined the extensive list of people, who have been charmed by Disney‘s latest movie “Frozen.”

On January 31, the idol wrote on his Instagram, “Kids, spend a joyful Lunar New Year. Always stay healthy, and be nice to your parents. Even though you’re unsatisfied with the amount of pocket money you got, control your facial expression,” and wished his fans a Happy Lunar New Year.

“Oppa wants to introduce his wife to the parents as well, but Anna won’t come out of the screen. Sorry for the ad-lib. I should give a trophy to the person who edited this photo. But I don’t like my expression. My pride is hurt, because only I look excited,” he added and shared a photo edited by his fan. Those who are following him on Instagram might already know, but Heechul has been posting several photos of Anna over the past few days, revealing his love for the main character of “Frozen.”

In the picture, Heechul is smiling brightly while facing Anna. Seems like he got all excited thanks to the surprisingly realistic photo!

Have you seen the movie yet?