Go Ara Is Carefully Considering Next Role

Actress Go Ara earned rave reviews for her breakout role in “Reply 1994,” in which she was able to exhibit her youthful charisma as bright-eyed, straight-talking Sung Na Jung. She is said to be carefully considering her next role.

Aside from Jung Woo, her other “Reply 1994” co-stars have quickly signed on to new projects, but Go Ara seems to be taking her time.

It has been reported that she’s signed on to MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Triangle,” but this may not be confirmed. Go Ara’s side stated on February 2 that the actress has received drama and film offers for sageuks, period and modern pieces, and she is seriously considering her best move.

The many offers received come with a diversity of characters. A representative on Go Ara’s side said, “She’s had a variety of offers, from tragic female leads to lively characters. Her next role will be a piece of work in which she’ll be able to show off her charisma.”

Go Ara had been known more for her looks than for her acting skills, but people have started seeing her in a new light since “Reply 1994,” in which she chopped off her locks and received recognition for her acting as well as her cute charisma. Will she ride on the momentum of her fresh, bright image, or will she change her image once again? All eyes are on Go Ara as she chooses her next role.