“Four Sons and One Daughter” Talks About Lee Honey’s Marriage

On the January 31 episode of MBC’s “Four Sons and One Daughter,” actress Lee Honey’s boyfriend was mentioned at talk about marriage. On the episode, the cast visited their ‘second parents’ for the lunar new year and paid their respects. The mother wished each of the members well, telling ‘first son’ Kim Gu Ra to not be affected by any negative talk about him. To the second, Kim Min Jong, she said that they wish for him to get married soon. When it came to be Lee Honey’s turn, the mother also asked her about marriage, at which Kim Jae Won said, “She’s meeting someone nice right now,” referring to actor Yoon Gye Sang, whom Lee Honey has been dating since January of last year

At this, the mother said, “Then you should bring him home so we can see,” so Kim Gu Ra joked, “But his agency..”

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