“When a Man Loves” Hwang Jung Min Kissed Han Hye Jin So Hard Her Lips Bled

Actor Hwang Jung Min revealed the behind-the-scenes of his kiss scene with actress Han Hye Jin.

Starring in the film “When a Man Loves,” Hwang Jung Min recently released a photo diary that he personally wrote about the film set. True to his usual self, the photo diary is honest and frank, a one-of-a-kind.

One of the photos was of a kiss scene he did with Han Hye Jin. He wrote, “A scene at a Gunsan village building where I corner Ho Jung (Han Hye Jin) and kiss her. The most passionate scene in our movie. I remember we both felt awkward and didn’t know what to do. It [the kiss] was so intense my teeth hit Hye Jin’s lips and made them bleed.”

Also in Hwang Jung Min’s photo diary is a picture of Han Hye Jin getting hit in the forehead with a firecracker, an embarrassing photo of him and Kwak Do Won at a barbershop, a photo of him goofing off in a woman’s wig that he got from the makeup team, etc. 

“When a Man Loves” was released on January 22, and is the story of a rough man who falls in love for the first time.

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