Goo Hye Sun Thanks Fans with a Close Up Selca

Actress Goo Hye Sun is thankful for her fans’ support, especially with the fact that her official Facebook page passed 2.2 million likes. On January 28, the actress posted a selca with the message, “Facebook. It has already passed 2.2 million likes. Thank you. I come before you all with an honest selca. Happy New Year.” The selca Goo Hye Sun posted was truly honest as it showed the actress’ natural look.

goo hye sun

Wearing a simple white t-shirt without any makeup, the actress showed her comfortable attire. Despite looking very casual, Goo Hye Sun’s large, round eyes and white, milky skin marked the actress’ signature beauty.

Meanwhile, the actress will be starring in a two-part MBC documentary drama titled, “Heonan Seolhun.” The actress will act as the main character, Heonan Seolhun, in the first part of the special project. Moreover, Goo Hye Sun will be showing her skills as a director as she will be directing the first part, which will be the drama aspect, while narrating the documentary aspect as well. “Heonana Seolhun” will air in February.