Choi Hong Man Casually Picks Up Crayon Pop’s Soyul?

Kickboxer and businessman Choi Hong Man has revealed his love for Crayon Pop.

On February 2, the sportsman was could be seen supervising the Korean wrestling match of girl groups on KBS2TV’s “Dream Team 2.” The groups competing were Dal Shabet, Crayon Pop, Rainbow, Nine Muses, AOA, 2Eyez, Tahiti, and parody group Bab Shabet (comedians Kim Min Kyung, Park So Young, and Lee Hui Kyung).

When asked to share his favorite girl group, Choi Hong Man answered, “They are right in front of me,” referring to the cute and lovely Crayon Pop. 

MC Lee Chang Myung suggested they hug each other, and the ex-wrestler surprised everyone by suddenly picking up Soyul and hugging her with just one arm keeping her up in the air. The two evoked much laughter due to their massive height difference and their father-daughter like image. 

choi hong man