Jung Yong Hwa Sends a Selca Greeting From Chile

Jung Yong Hwa, actor and member of CN Blue, sent his Lunar New Year greeting from Chile.

On February 1, Jung Yong Hwa posted on CNBlue’s official Twitter, “Hello, this is Yong Hwa! Our world tour ended today in Chile. Chile fans are the best!”

“Thank you to everyone who cheered for us and for our world tour. Thank you for making our 25th and 26th year filled with happy memories, and I hope it will remain as a happy memory to you all. We won’t forget! I hope 2014 will be filled with happiness. I’ll be with you!”

Previously, CNBlue spent last Christmas with fans in Japan. On January 21 KST, the band was in New York and on January 24, the band was in L.A. The members continued their tour in Latin America making stops in Mexico and Peru on January 26 and 28. They ended their tour in Chile on January 31.

With the conclusion of their tour, the members of CNBlue will be focusing on working on their new album. 

CN Blue