New Hip-Hop Duo Pro C Reveals Teaser Clip for “The Side That Loves More Hurts” Feat. Ailee

J.Tune Camp‘s newest hip-hop duo Pro C has given us a taste of their upcoming single, “The Side That Loves More Hurts” featuring Ailee.

A short 39 second clip was uploaded onto J.Tune Camp’s YouTube channel, showing a very dark and slightly creepy concept . The clip shows the Pro C members sitting in a dark room with dark images of themselves flashing in the background.

At the end of the clip, we can hear Ailee’s crystal clear voice singing “The side that loves more hurts.” Even though it’s a single line, the listeners are able to feel the emotion in Ailee’s lovely voice, further heightening the anticipation for Pro C and Ailee’s collaboration.

Pro C’s “The Side That Love More Hurts” featuring Ailee will be released on February 5.

Check out the clip below: