13-Year-Old Actress Kim Sae Ron Involved in Smoking and Drinking Controversy

13-year-old actress Kim Sae Ron has recently been involved in a smoking and drinking controversy.

A certain netizen posted a message and photo on an online community forum titled “A photo that a girl who drank with Kim Sae Ron posted on her Kakao Story.” The poster of the photo claimed that Kim Sae Ron smoked and drank as well.

There were two photos that seemed to be the problem. In one photo, Kim Sae Ron is sitting on a sofa with her friends and in front of them, there were bottles of wine and wine glasses on the coffee table. In another photo, Kim Sae Ron is in a karaoke room singing and a pack of cigarettes was seen on the table.

However, Kim Sae Ron denied these rumors and posted a long message on her SNS on February 2. She said, “The day that this came up, no matter what I said, no one would have listened. The netizens that write bad comments will pound on their keyboards, accuse and attack until they see the end, which is when they will find interest elsewhere. If I have been good, those who believe me will believe me. Those who don’t know me and are jealous of me, will not want to hear anything that is good or the truth.”

Kim Sae Ron further shared her frustration about some of the other rumors of her, including one that said she was an outcast in school.

Kim Sae Ron continued, “Spreading false rumors is a crime. I want to receive an apology from those who tied together all those photos to make it seem like I did something bad. I have never even thought of doing something that someone my age shouldn’t do. I hope you will believe me and watch over me.”

Finally, she added, “Now I know why many directors wanted me to show my tears and why so many painful and sad roles come to me. I thought I was strong enough to handle the bad comments but I guess my heart ached so much that I couldn’t handle it. Yesterday’s rain was like the rain in my heart. I’m posting this so that those who believe me and worry about me can feel a little better.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron’s new movie “Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits” is set to hit theaters in March.

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