Actor Jang Hyun Sung Melts at Chu Sa Rang’s Cuteness

The four families on January 2, KBS 2TV variety show “Happy Sunday-Superman Returns”  celebrated the Lunar New Year by gathering together at comedian/MC Lee Hwi Jae’s house.

The day before Lunar New Year, the four families stayed at each other homes. Rapper Tablo and his daughter, Haru stayed at Lee Hwi Jae and his twin sons’ home. Martial artist Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter, Sa Rang stayed with actor Jang Hyun Sung and his two sons, Junu and Junseo. Before leaving for Lee Hwi Jae’s home, both families ate breakfast. During the morning, Sa Rang showered Jang Hyun Sung with aegyo.While eating, Sa Rang yelled out “Mom and Dad!” Then she signaled that she was thirsty and wanted water. Jang Hyun Sung gave Sa Rang a cup of water. When Sarang received water, she replied “Thank you” in Korean which made Jang Hyun Sung very happy. 

After enjoying a delicious meal, Sa Rang dressed nicely in a hanbok. Sarang, Junu, and Junseo went to Lee Hwi Jae’s home to receive a word of wisdom and blessings from each father with the twin sons and Haru. The children also received Lunar New Year allowance from each father. On this day, the mothers of the four families joined the fathers and children for an interview about the show.