Lunafly Participates in Second “Can We Love” OST, Releases Music Video

Great news for Lunafly fans!

On February 3, the group dropped the second soundtrack for JTBC’s drama Can We Love” titled “I Want to Love Again.” Rainbow’s Jisook lent her voice for the first soundtrack.

The music video starts off with divorced Yoon Jung Wan (played by Eugene) telling film director Oh Kyung Soo (played by Uhm Tae Woong), “I want to go back to twenty years ago. If not twenty years, then I’d like to go back to ten years ago.” The soundtrack transitions in, which is written by famed composer Yoon Il Sang who is responsible for Lee Eun Mi’s timeless song “I Have A Lover.”

“I Want to Love Again” is a medium tempo track of the pop genre with a lyrical melody combined with the warm vocal tones of the group. This is the theme song for Yoon Jung Wan and Oh Kyung Soo, and signals the start of their budding love story.

Based on the novel titled “Mother Needs a Man,” the drama depicts the stories of three women in their late thirties. In a warm and delightful manner, it will touch issues such as love, dreams, and fantasies.

The song can be heard on the ninth episode, which airs on February 3 at 9:45pm (KST).