Lee Yoo Bi’s Agency Explains Why She Lip-Synced on “Inkigayo”

Lee Yoo Bi’s agency explained the controversy relating to her lip-sync performance on SBS’ “Inkigayo.”

On February 2, Lee Yoo Bi sang “Let It Go,” a track from Disney’s “Frozen, as a special stage announcing her as the new female host of the show. She captured the attention of many as she reminded viewers of Elsa, one of the main characters in the film.

However, there were some parts during her performance where her mouth did not match the music. Some of the viewers, who were looking forward to Lee Yoo Bi’s singing, were not hesitant in displaying their disappointment.

In connection to the performance, Lee Yoo Bi’s agency stated, “Lee Yoo Bi is an actress. She is not a professional singer. We were worried she may make a mistake from being too nervous. Thus, we had the AR (stands for All Recorded where the background music and the voice of the singer are played together) play.”

Check out the performance!