SHINee Gives a Sneak Peek of Upcoming “SHINee World III” Concert in Seoul

SHINee fans, this is for you!

On February 3, SM Entertainment dropped a teaser hyping fans in regards to the upcoming solo concert titled “SHINee World III” in Seoul. The two-day concert will take place at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on March 8 and 9.

The members will perform their hit tracks and will also satisfy the fans with performances from songs that weren’t promoted as heavily. SHINee will be experimenting with their stages to diversify their musical sound and performances. They are expected to pull off fantastic performances with a high degree of perfection at their upcoming concerts.

2013 was a great year for SHINee. They had three continuous hits with “Dream Girl,” “Why So Serious?” and “Everybody.” The group has received recognition both at home and abroad for their unique music and talent. SHINee also held their second Japan nationwide concert tour in 2013, “Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2013 – Boys Meet U,” meeting over 220,000 fans through their 15 concerts in nine cities.

Without further ado, check the teaser!