Yoo Hee Yeol Was Touched That He Ate at the YG Cafeteria

Yoo Hee Yeol’s recent visit to the world-famous YG cafeteria has been garnering much attention!

On the January 2 broadcast of “K-Pop Star 3,” Yoo Hee Yeol visited the YG headquarters for an evaluation round with the contestants cast into Antenna Music.

As soon as he saw the YG building, Yoo Hee Yeol jokingly said, “Kids, this is our enemy’s base” and “I guess it’s only a little bigger than Antenna Music.”

He continued, “Guys, don’t be intimidated. You need to act like it’s not a big deal. We need to have the upper hand.” As he saw the big Happy New Year sign over the entrance, he joked, “How immature,” making everyone laugh.

However, as soon as he saw the practice rooms and cafeteria, Yoo Hee Yeol commented, “Their practice room is as big as our entire company. It is pretty nice. I guess this is that famous cafeteria. I only saw this on TV.” He then proceeded to ask the cafeteria ladies if he could have a bite.

As he ate the food, he said, “I’m eating but why am I so sad?” He then looked at his mentees and said, “You guys, please work hard in Antenna Music and make us a cafeteria too.”

The YG cafeteria is famous for its high quality food and many world famous celebrities eating there such as Will Smith and Justin Bieber.

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