Dal Shabet Chosen as Models for Mobile App Popcorn Call

Dal Shabet has recently been chosen to be models for the mobile app Popcorn Call.

Popcorn Call’s sources commented on February 3, “As we will release the new reward app Popcorn Call, we have chosen Dal Shabet as models.”

Popcorn Call is a reward app that allows users to make money by making or receiving calls just by looking at ads on the screen.

There will also be a special “Dal Shabet Menu” that will allow users to see behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

The app’s sources also added, “We chose Dal Shabet for their recent popularity and their cute image. We believe that Dal Shabet will become the keyword for our new app. We are also excited to launch the app in Southeast Asia as well as China.”

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet is currently promoting “B.B.B.

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