Won Bin Displays a Different Charm for Each Blood Type

Actor Won Bin displayed his four different charms in the photoshoot for men’s cosmetic brand Biotherm Homme’s advertisement for Valentine’s Day.

The advertisement focused on the four different blood types (A, B, O, and AB) and also provided an explanation of a male’s personality based on their blood type. Won Bin expressed the personalities through his facial and body expressions. His outfits changed to fit the personality profile based on their blood type.

A male with blood type A focuses on the small details and is very considerate of others.

Won Bin A

Blood type B male is intense, stimulating, and influential.

Won Bin B

A male with blood type O is humorous, optimistic, and joyful.

Won Bin O

Blood type AB male is rational and level-headed.

Won Bin AB

Won Bin was like a chameleon with his ability to transform into four different types of males.

The advertisement provided females some information about the four different male type and their dating styles. Biotherm has four different types of cosmetic products based on the four blood types. Biotherm claims that the four different items could help females who are going to confess to a guy that she likes him or for females who are contemplating what to buy for their boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Won Bin caused a sensation among netizens due to his youthful looks. Netizens have stated that he has not aged and that he still looks sweet and innocent.

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