Baro Imagines a Sweet Kiss with Dasom in MV Teaser for Soyu and Junggigo’s Duet

On February 4, Starship Entertainment released the first video teaser for SISTAR‘s Soyu and Junggigo‘s upcoming project duet, “Some,” with B1A4‘s Baro and Dasom starring in the music video.

The video starts off with Baro and Dasom on a bus, giving off a sweet, cute and young couple vibe. However, we later hilariously find out that this was all part of Baro’s imagination!

Although short, the video shows Baro’s exceptional comic acting skills, making viewers automatically put on a smile at his cute antics.

The clip also allows us to hear a couple of lines from the song. Junggigo’s soulful voice that croons, “It seems like you’re mine these days,” and Soyu’s signature husky voice that sang, “Please don’t act so cold to me,” certainly raises the anticipation level for this upcoming duet!

Check out the video clip below and stay tuned for more updates!