Park Ki Woong Cast in Kim Ki Duk’s “Made in China”

Actor Park Ki Woong will star in Kim Ki Duk Film‘s upcoming movie titled “Made in China.”

He will be playing the strong and masculine lead character Chen, and will be challenged to set the mood of the movie with his powerful but detailed acting. Debut project of producer Kim Dong Hoo, the film will touch on the meaning of introspection.

Known for his applaudable performances in “Secretly, Greatly,” “War of the Arrows,” and “Bridal Mask,” the young actor showed his passion by immersing in his role immediately after the casting. All the way from hair to clothes, he is currently doing his best to become the perfect Chen, and fans are already anticipating to see his transformation.

Kim Soon Mo of Kim Ki Duk Films commented, “Park Ki Woong is an actor filled with emotions. Through his role as Chen, you will see the depth of his acting. Please show much interest in the movie.”

“Made in China” starring Park Ki Woon and Han Chae Ah is set to start filming soon.