Yeo Jin Goo Offered Jo In Sung’s Part for Sci-Fi Thriller Film “Kwon Bob”

It has been reported that Yeo Jin Goo has received the offer for the lead role in the upcoming science fiction thriller, “Kwon Bob.” Previously, Jo In Sung was the strong contender for the lead role.

On February 5, a certain news agency reported, “Young actor Yeo Jin Goo has risen to the possibility of being the male lead for ‘Kwon Bob.'”

“Kwon Bob” is in its final stages of preparation before it officially goes into production this coming August. Yeo Jin Goo has not signed any contracts yet but it is known that he is working out the details with the production team.

CJ Entertainment commented, “Yeo Jin Goo is still in discussion with the casting so nothing has been decided. Since he is still in the pre-contract stage, it is a very sensitive and careful topic at the moment.”

“Kwon Bob” is a science fiction thriller set in a futuristic background and is about a man who can’t stand injustice and fights against those who try to destroy a certain village. It has become a hot topic because of the big investments into the film.

Although Jo In Sung has been strongly considered for “Kwon Bob,” due to the continuous delays, he has decided not to go through with it. Therefore, the scenario has been passed on to Yeo Jin Goo.

“Kwon Bob” will be directed by Park Kwang Hyun, who worked on “Welcome To Dongmakgol” in 2005, which was a big hit.