Chu Sarang Happily Munches Away on Fruits as Newest Delmonte CF Model

Chu Sung Hoon‘s lovely daughter Chu Sarang has once again become a hot topic due to her cute “mukbang” (eating broadcast).

On February 4, Chu Sarang’s official Facebook page posted a video clip with the caption, “Mukbang is the easiest.”

Chu Sarang has been chosen as the newest model for Delmonte fruits and a couple of clips have been released of the starlet happily munching away on different fruits on the set for a CF.

Chu Sarang is seen eating bananas and grapes, looking happy as she is surrounded by huge heaps of different kinds of fruits.

Chu Sarang has received huge amounts of love for her adorable charms on the KBS variety program, “Superman Returns,” earning her the nickname, “Chu-vely” (a combination of Chu Sarang and lovely).

Check out some of the BTS footage for Delmonte’s CF featuring the cutest mukbang star, Chu Sarang!