2PM’s Newest Album “Genesis of 2PM” Tops Japanese Oricon Ratings: 63,000 Units Already Sold

2PM has confirmed their status as Japanese superstars with the tremendous support they received for the release of their third Japanese album “Genesis of 2PM.” The album has reached the top spot on Japanese Oricon charts and has already sold 63,000 units. “Genesis of 2PM” has already surpassed the sales of their previous Japanese album “Legend of 2PM” which sold about 51,000 units. Their newest album features 13 tracks including the chart topping singles “Winter Games” and “Step by Step.” Their newest album received a lot of hype after their pre-release singles topped the ringtone charts.

2PM is currently on a Japanese concert tour that started in Nagoya on the January 27. They will be touring through March and will entertain an estimated 150,000 fans. Below is the MV for their hit Japanese single “Step By Step.”

Also check out the Tower Records in Shibuya, Japan below. They decorized the whole location with a 2PM theme.