Ga In and Taiwanese Star Show Lo Have Candid Comeback Special Interview for “Truth or Dare”

Ga In sat down with Taiwanese star Show Lo (Also known as Show Luo) for a comeback special interview(C.S.I.) to talk about her newest single “Truth or Dare.” Show Lo appears in Ga In’s latest MV “Truth or Dare,” and this is not the first time the two stars have worked with each other. Ga In actually appeared in Show Lo’s “Fantasymusic video.  Ga In decided to invite the Taiwanese star after they shared a great time in Taiwan. Ga In promised the star that they will eat Korea’s famous dak galbi(Spicy chicken stir fry) if he ever came to Korea. 

Ga In also talks about the themes behind her newest single “Truth or Dare.” The song expresses her care free attitude regarding rumors. The song is fun and lighthearted, and the MV features a “fake documentary” style. The interview also features Show Lo speaking Chinese. You can watch the candid multicultural interview below.