Ga In’s MV for “Truth or Dare” Features Revealing Interviews by Brown Eyed Girls, Jo Kwon, IU and More

Along with the release of her new album “Truth or Dare” today, Ga In has also revealed the music video for her title track of the same name.

While it is not as overly sexual like “Fxxk You last week, we lean a lot about Ga In from others that are close to her.

As seen in the teaser, interviews of Brown Eyed Girls, Jo Kwon, IU and other celebrities and close staff members reveal their true feelings about Ga In.

Fellow Brown Eyed Girls members mention that she has a mentality of “It’s okay if I do it, but if others do, it’s cheap.” IU goes on to mention that Ga In likes sexy things.

At the end, an interview of Ga In is shown. She says about herself “There’s nothing I like, all of it… Ga In’s concept. They see the things they want to, I can’t do anything.” She adds that she feels like she starts “acting” once she leaves her house, hinting that what people see is not the real her. 

“Just, living. Isn’t it all acting?”

Although the revealing interviews are fun, hopefully a full music version will be released as well.