SBS to Broadcast CNBlue’s Comeback Show This March

CNBlue will be airing a comeback show through SBS!

According to SBS broadcasting reps, CNBlue’s comeback show will begin recording february and air sometime in march. 

CNBlue is putting a great deal of effort into the show since it has already been a year since they’ve been active in the K-Pop music scene. Without any special guests, the boys are set to perform live. They’ll be performing songs from their new album and previous albums. 

For SBS to promote the comeback of an artist or band is an exceptional ordeal. Before CNBlue, BoA and Big Bang previously had comeback shows that were broadcast.  

Using Jung Yong Hwa’s song as their title track, CNBlue will be dropping their fifth mini album on February. Last year, they released their fourth mini album “Re:BLUE,” which was popular not only in Asia, but topped the american “Billboard’s World Album” chart.