Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Offers His Opinion on Why SM Withdrew from “K-Pop Star”

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul was asked on JTBC‘s “War of Words” to add some perspective on why SM Entertainment decided to withdraw from survival audition program “K-Pop Star.” 

Kim Heechul offered his take on the topic. “Just as SM views us idols as the best when they’re making dramas, they take special care of us during our trainee years because they feel responsible for us. As such, when SM was participating in the program, they never got to cast anyone. It came as a shock for them, so they decided it would be best to withdraw.” 

Winners of “K-Pop Star” typically get to choose which agency to sign under. Other contestants can also be recipients of casting offers. The last couple seasons of “K-Pop Star” have shown YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment to be the clear favorites, for one reason or another. 

Netizens commented on Kim Heechul’s response saying, “To be honest, SM seems to have a lot of trainees already, so they wouldn’t be able to take on winners from ‘K-Pop Star’ anyway. It was a wise decision,” “That’s how SM will eventually fail. zero flexibility,” and “I still don’t get why BoA came on the show. SM wasn’t going to recruit anyone anyway.”