Seo In Guk and Wang Ji Won Look Dangerous in Trailer for Web Drama “Another Parting”

Seo In Guk and Wang Ji Won carry guns in their gloomy trailer for the upcoming five episode web drama “Another Parting.”

The preview indicates the drama will be a sad one, as the trailer shows tears and features a sad violin melody. Actress Wang Ji Won, who currently stars in tvNs‘ “I Need Romance 3,” will play a woman who gets betrayed by her boyfriend, and meets Seo In Guk in her last moments. Seo In Guk looks charming and tough in the preview, as he comforts Wang Ji Won.

The drama is directed by Won Tae Yeon, who also directed the 2009 film “More Than Blue.

“Another Parting” will premiere on February 17 at 11PM, and you can watch the drama online at LOEN MUSIC Official YouTube channel, MelOn TV, Drama Cube, SK broadband BTV, BTV Mobile and Naver TV Cast.