Ha Suk Jin and Jang Hee Jin Share a Passionate Kiss Scene in Still for “Thrice Married Woman”

Ha Suk Jin has his back against the wall as he share a passionate kiss scene with beautiful actress Jang Hee Jin in teaser images recently released for the SBS drama “Thrice Married Woman.” The pictures show Jang Hee Jin with her arms wrapped around the neck of nicely dressed Ha Suk Jin as the two get close with each other. The intimate scene will be featured on the February 9 episode of the drama. Staff members were reportedly out of breath by the actors’ skinship during the scene.

“Thrice Married Woman” is a family drama that premiered in November. It follows a mother and her two daughters who have complicated love relationships. The drama provides multi-generational perspectives on dating and relationships. It airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:55PM.

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