Gary Makes Funny Cameo Appearance as Driver for Drunk Song Ji Hyo on “Emergency Couple”

Rapper Gary has made a funny cameo appearance on episode six of tvN’s hospital love drama “Emergency Couple.” In the cameo scene, Oh Jin Hee, played by Song Ji Hyo, gets drunk and calls a driver to take her back home. Gary appears as the working driver and helps the drunk Oh Jin Hee get into her car. During the scene, Oh Jin Hee calls Gary as “Gary Ajusshi,” but Gary comically responds, “I’m not Gary. Who’s Gary? I’m Terry.” The joke is a pun because “terry” or “dae-ri” in Korean can also mean driver. The drunk Oh Jin Hee makes the scene funnier by hitting on Gary saying, “You’re my style.”

You can watch Gary’s surprise cameo appearance in the video below. The Fri-Sat drama “Emergency Couple” airs on tvN at 8:40PM.