Joo Won Describes Himself As a Dirty But Handsome High School Student

On February 8, an interview with actor Joo Won was aired on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly.” He was posed with questions relating to his character in his new movie “Fashion King” and having to wear a uniform in order to play a high school student. Joo Won remarked, “I don’t think I can wear uniforms again [after this]. I think this will be my last time.”

Joo Won revealed stories of his high school years saying, “My uniform was really dirty. I went to a fine arts high school, so I worked a lot. We made our own performance sets. My uniform had a lot of holes.” 

When he was asked if he was popular in school, Joo Won answered, “Because I went to a fine arts high school, many of my classmates were handsome and pretty. It wasn’t that I wasn’t popular at all, but I always carried around a saw and a hammer, since I had to work on the set. I think I looked handsome when I worked.” His shy confession evoked laughter. 

Entertainment Weekly