Stills and Trailer Released for Han Seung Yeon’s Mini Drama “Women, Comics and Shoes”

Han Seung Yeon is beautiful in her newest still from her upcoming drama “Women, Comics and Shoes.”

In the still, Han Seung Yeon looks lovely with her pink purse and blue jacket as she goes on her first date with Hong Jong Hyeon. The drama follows the love story between Shin Ji Hoo (Han Seung Yeon), a woman who is fearful of love after having a bad first love experience, and Oh Tae Soo(Hong Jong Hyeon), a man who doesn’t believe in love. 

You can also watch the recently released trailer for the drama below. The trailer shows Han Seung Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun first meeting each other at the shoe store and going on dates. It ends with a romantic scene of the two gazing into each other eyes.

The picture below was taken at a photo shoot for the drama’s poster. Han Seung Yeon’s upcoming 10 episode mini drama “Women, Comics and Shoes” will premiere on February 24 on SBS Plus, and the drama will also broadcast online.

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