Brown Eyed Soul Releases Mysterious Teaser for New Album “Thank Your Soul”

Four member R&B group Brown Eyed Soul has released a mysterious teaser for their upcoming 4th album “Thank Your Soul.” The teaser features an odd character dressed in a big pink overcoat and trucker hat sitting alone at the beach. He gets up and walks to a box in the sand that includes a Brown Eyed Soul tape. He plays the tape, and we get to hear a few seconds of a new dance track.

Brown Eyed Soul’s 4th Album SIDE-A, also known as “Thank Your Soul,” will be released on February 13. The group wanted to release a full album, but due to busy schedules, they have released only one side. Brown Eyed Soul will be having a two day concert on February 22 and 23 at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. You can watch the teaser below.