Sunmi’s “Full Moon” Album Features Yoobin, Ye Eun, GOT7’s Jackson, and Brave Brothers

Sunmi is making her comeback with a Brave Brothers’ track!

JYP Entertainment released Sunmi’s track list for her album, “Full Moon,” disclosing the names of other JYP talents who made contributions to her album!

For starters, JYP trainee Lena performs the rap verses to “Full Moon,” which was written and composed by Brave Brothers. Next we have fellow Wonder Girls‘ member Yoobin, who wrote and performed the rap lyrics for fourth track, “Who Am I?” (working title) and Wonder Girls’ member Ye Eun composed and wrote the sixth track, “If That’s Who You Are” (working title).

Surprisingly, Sunmi’s labelmate and rookie artist, Jackson of GOT7 also had a chance to participate in the making of the album with a special feature on her track, “Time Stood Still” (working title).

Sunmi will be making her comeback on February 17 with a vampire concept!

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