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Who doesn’t love a good love song on Valentine’s Day? The Soompi staff has compiled a short but sweet list of our ultimate K-Pop love songs — ballads, little ditties, and of course, songs from drama OSTs. Keep in mind that the list is totally subjective, as we chose songs that meant something to us personally. To make the list better, help us out in the comments section below. Share with us your ultimate K-Pop Valentine’s Day song and tell us why it’s so special to you!

The songs on this playlist are all love songs, but they’re all songs to enjoy regardless of your relationship status. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! 

Clazziquai – “Sweety”

mrpower: This song came out ten years ago (2004) as part of instant pig, and with instant success, launched Clazziquai into the mainstream K-Pop scene. It captures the feelings of romance, combining the exhilaration and harmony of being in love. The experimental nature of the group allows for a solid exploration and representation of quality K-Pop music.

To be honest, the first time I listened to this song, I hated it. I didn’t understand the appeal of this experimental group. Then the Soompi crash happened in 2005, and I had nowhere else to receive K-Pop news. My music collection remained stagnant, and I started to focus on girls.

Oh nostalgia~ It was when I entered my first relationship that my mind was blown. “Sweety” was playing at the perfect time, and I finally started to understand the epic high feeling of romance that adds to the value of this track. It was like the moment in Korean dramas when the protagonists who hated each other finally fall in love. I attribute my love of K-Pop to this track (and the crash of Soompi in 2005).

“You don’t know how I feel when you smile at me like that. Can you see that you are the one to bring me back to life.”

Ah, the memories.

Myung-ca Drive (Park Myung Soo and Jessica) – “Nengmyun”

kimpossible: In rare cases, perfection is born from the unlikeliest of collaborations. This song would be it. There is no other song that perfectly describes what it’s like to fall for someone than to compare it to enjoying a bowl of cold buckwheat noodles.

No other way to describe the refreshingly silly, exhilarating, and dorky way you feel and act when you think about your crush. No other comedian and idol combination that gets you dancing on your feet while repeating “Nengmyun, Nengmyun, Nengmyun” over and over again.

Sure, love is a powerful emotion and generous muse that has inspired the greatest works of art or music. Or that K-Pop song you can’t get out of your head. No matter how you’re spending Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend Myungca Drive as part of your “K-Pop Love Songs” mix.

Delispice – “Confession”

lordbordem: Valentines Day is a sort of weird day for me. Being massively solo, it’s not something I pay much attention to. So when I was asked to pick my ideal Valentine’s song, I had to think quite long and hard about it. As I shifted through my long playlist of songs, new and old, I kept coming back to this song in particular.

For people that have seen the movie “The Classic” and the drama series “Reply 1997.” this song will be intimately familiar with you. In some ways it’s quite a heartbreaking song, a song about someone’s first one sided love. And yet despite it’s rather sad undertones, it’s one of the most heart felt love songs to ever grace my ears.

Scenery of Riding Bicycle – “I To You, You To Me”

hazelnutthursdays: It’s my Valentine’s song because it’s like first love with all the blushes and tingles. After growing up and a with a little bit more scars, what remains in the nostalgia is how true it all was. (And maybe could be again.)

“Precious memories of our innocent time together, they will remain a picture without regrets.”

ZE:A – “Step By Step”

small_smiley: This particular song by ZE:A isn’t really a love song, but I think it’s a nice song to listen to that gives off all sorts of giddy vibes. It’s a nice song to listen to on Valentine’s Day, whether or not you have someone to spend the day with or not, and it’ll put a smile on your face with its happy beat! 

 Acoustic Collabo – “You And I, Fluttering”

lellie: I heard this song for the first time while watching “Jjak” on TV one night. One of the girls on the show played it for a guy she liked, and I loved how the words expressed the fluttery feeling of a blossoming love. It also made me nostalgic about the beginnings of my relationship with my boyfriend as I thought about how wonderful it would be to still have those butterfly moments despite our long relationship.

Every time I listen to this song, it brings back those feelings, and I feel all lovely dovey inside. hehe 

Park Bom – “You And I”

melkimx: When it comes to K-Pop, ballads are not my thing. Give me high-powered dance tunes and moody rap songs any day, but I’ll make an exception for “You and I” by Park Bom. I love the melody, which is sweetly optimistic while maintaining that energetic quality that 2NE1 tends to deliver in most of their songs.

The video resorts to a touch of drama (when you see the new groom wearing a hospital gown, you know it’s not going to end well), but it’s done in a way that’s altogether cute and wistful without being overly sentimental (okay, maybe just a little sentimental). “You and I” was released in 2009, but it’s still probably my favorite K-Pop love song to date.

You and I together, don’t ever let go my hands

I’ll never say goodbye to you, even when this world ends.

Alex (Clazziquai) – “Flower Pot”

crystalcove: Love can be like a raging fire burning through a forest, or like a gentle stream slowly etching away at its bank. The song “Flower Pot” portrays the latter quality of love, bringing the poetry of patience and quiet love to our ears. It describes one’s willingness to become a flower pot on the windowsill of a loved one, to quietly watch over and always be near.

Can you describe this as love fulfilled or love unrequited? Instead of giving chocolates this Valentine’s Day, offer your loved one a flower pot to express your heart.

The original version is by the group Loveholic, but while searching upon for the music video, I came upon Alex’s (from Clazziquai) version. I love the way his voice shakes at the end of the long note, reflecting the nervousness and anticipation of love. He has converted me to his version in the span of three minutes. 

2BIC – “Promise You”

CallMeNOONA: I love 2Bic. They have the deepest and warmest voices in the Korean music industry. The way their voices compliment and harmonize with each other is so beautiful. The song “Promise You” wasn’t even their main track on their album, but the lyrics and the music was so sweet and romantic I fell in love with the song.

The song is just about giving all the love to one person and promising to walk the road together forever. This is such a wedding song! Dear future husband: This song, THIS SONG!!! 

Howl & J: “Perhaps Love”

Rebby: It’s my favorite song from my all-time favorite Korean drama, “Princess Hours”! Even eight years since its first broadcast, most K-Drama fans should still be able to sing along to the catchy tune. My favorite part is the chorus:

Is this love? And if you feel the same way, is this the beginning? 
My heart keeps saying it loves you and the more the world listens
The louder it yells it.
Why is it just now that I hear it? 
That the love has been found us so we might be together.

Don’t you agree that “Perhaps Love” is the perfect love song for would-be lovers to confess their feelings? Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love in all its forms, so fret not if you don’t have a date! Let’s meet online on Soompi and spazz about our favorite OTPs!

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