BTOB’s Sungjae Celebrates High School Graduation with Selca

BTOB‘s Sungjae can be added to the list of 95-born idols graduating from high school today!

On February 11, he uploaded a handsome selca on his Twitter with the caption, “The beauty is graduating.” 

In the photo, Sungjae is flashing a bright smile and showing off his good looks. As graduation is an unforgettable event for any young adult, he seems excited about leaving behind his high school years through the big ceremony. Thanks to his sleek school uniform, he could be mistaken for a handsome and charismatic character out of a comic book.

VIXX‘s Hyuk also graduated the same Hanrim Entertainment Arts High School today, in addition to TINT‘s Jamie, Beat Win‘s Sungho, and model Jin Jung Sun.

In related news, BTOB will release a new track on February 17.

Congrats to Sungjae!