Actor Lee Min Ho Spotted in New Zealand for a Photo Shoot

On February 10, a civilian who is currently residing in New Zealand spotted actor Lee Min Ho and took several photographs. Those photographs have been uploaded on the civilian’s Weibo account, and are becoming a hot topic among the public. The images show that Lee Min Ho in Queenstown, New Zealand. He walked around downtown Queenstown with several of his staff members. Lee Min Ho wore big, dark sunglasses which covered his face. He also wore a white, round necked t-shirt underneath a black jacket. Based on the photographs, it looked as if the weather in New Zealand was hot because Lee Min Ho had casually worn his black jacket off-shoulder. He was not conscious of the public’s attention and casually explored Queenstown’s streets. However, Lee Min Ho caught the attention of many people with his tall height, broad shoulders, and handsome facial features.

On February 6, Lee Min Ho visited New Zealand for a photo shoot for an outdoor brand’s advertisement. It was reported that Lee Min Ho would be returning to Korea on February 11.

Lee Min Ho