Topp Dogg Mixes Traditional and Modern for “Arario” MV and Special Album

Hip hop male group Topp Dogg is back with another fabulous music video and album!

The fans’ wait was rewarded on February 12, when the full music video for the track”Arario” was uploaded on Stardom Entertainment’s YouTube channel. “Arario” is the follow-up song to their previous release “Open the Door.”

“Arario” is also the name of the Topp Dogg’s new special album of eight tracks, including “Open the Door” and an “Arario” instrumental. Check out the tracklist below.

ToppDogg ARARIO Tracklist

The music video for “Arario” has a dynamic and energetic theme with a mixture of old and new. The boys have combined their signature bouncy hip hop and strong choreography with traditional Korean performance and music style, and the result is an extremely addicting song with a fresh sound. As for the point dance move, they have incorporated the use of Korean fans, which are known for being eye-catching on the stage.

Topp Dogg collaborated with webtoon artist Ha Il Kwon on the album, and together, according to the agency, created a sequel to the first fantasy story told in “Open the Door.” For “Arario,” the fantasy is based on the members’ own natures, something to be highlighted more in their future activities and subunits. 

Check out the music video below, and also take a look at “Open the Door!”

Topp Dogg’s “Arario” special album is available online at various music sites, as well as offline.