Actress Han Hyo Joo Honestly Reveals Her Confidence in Her Body

Actress Han Hyo Joo is confident with her body. On February 12, Han Hyo Joo had expressed her confidence on SBS “Night of TV Entertainment.” During her interview, she was asked what she thought of her body. Han Hyo Joo confidently answered, “Don’t you think my body is good? I believe that my body shape is pretty good. I don’t think I would be ashamed of my body anywhere I go.”

Han Hyo Joo was asked if she looked better in real life or on screen. However, when she had to choose between those two choices, she stated, “I think I look better on screen. I think I look kind of plain in real life.”.

The actress also spoke frankly about her drinking habits. “Yesterday, I had three shots of soju and cattle’s small intestines (gopchang).” Han Hyo Joo saidlaughing, “I believe my drinking habits are pretty average. I just playfully hit people.”

Han Hyo Joo has been acting for ten years now. She stated that she would be embarrassed and want to hide if she had to watch herself from ten years ago. Lastly, Han Hyo Joo was asked if she has ever thought of her future self 10 years later, she replied, “Ten years later, then I will be 38 years old. I think I would be married with a child, don’t you agree? I would like my future life to be normal as well. I think getting married around 33-34 would be good.”

Han Hyo Joo