Brown Eyed Soul Is Releasing Their 4th Album on Limited Edition Cassette Tapes

Brown Eyed Soul, making a comeback on February 13 with their 4th album “Side A,” will be releasing the album on cassette tape, taking us back to the 90s.

As the music industry made a move to CDs and MP3s, cassette tapes became obsolete, but Brown Eyed Soul is bringing the tapes back in a limited edition. The male quartet had a huge success with their third album in 2011 being released as an analog record, and this time around, with the cassette tape limited edition, anticipation is running high once again. The cassette tape release date has yet to be decided, but following the announcement of the new album, they will most likely focus on the tape pre-sale next. The album, as suggested by the cassette tape release, is full of a 90s sentiment, and will feature urban uptempo R&B.

Brown Eyed Soul has previously released a teaser video showing a cassette tape. In the video, a man on a deserted island comes across a box that was pushed ashore by the tide, in which he finds Brown Eyed Soul’s tape.

Santa Music said, “This fourth album includes the group’s 10th anniversary song ‘Always Be There’ released last October, as well as the single ‘Thank Your Soul,’ and will be released at midnight on February 13.”

In other news, Brown Eyed Soul is holding a concert in Seoul on February 22 and 23, wrapping up their 10th anniversary project.