Rock Band Nell Compliments CNBLUE on Their Music

Sentimental indie rock band Nell was asked about CNBLUE recently at a private music show on February 13. They were asked what they thought about CNBLUE’s new album being released around the same time as their own album.

Kim Jong Wan, Nell‘s vocalist, replied, “They have their strengths, as we have our own strengths. Through CNBlue, young people are exposed to ‘bands,’ so that is an aspect that helps us (bands who make music).”

He added, “We show our distinct style through our music and concerts. It would be great there are many diverse bands in future.”

He went on to compliment CNBLUE further. “Truthfully, they perform really well. I know they put in a lot of effort, and I think that as time goes by, their music will become deeper.

Nell will release their sixth album on February 27, while CNBLUE will have their comeback show for their new mini album on SBS on March 2.