CNBLUE’s New Teaser Images for Comeback Takes Place in Romantic NYC

With just a few more days left until CNBLUE‘s comeback, the group released a series of teaser images for their upcoming 5th album!

CNBLUE released two group photos as well as individual cuts that all took place in New York City. The first group shot was taken on the Brooklyn Bridge and is titled “Before Sunset in NY.” The second group shot was taken in the middle of the busy Times Square and is titled “Before Midnight in NY.” Finally, individual jacket photos of CNBLUE were revealed, also taking place on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The photos showcase the members’ handsome looks and emits a soft, romantic and pensive atmosphere that is perfect for the last few weeks of the winter season.

CNBLUE will be releasing “Love Is…” on February 17. Music video teasers will be released on February 19 and February 21. Finally, on February 24, the full music video will be released, officially marking CN Blue’s long-awaited comeback.

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