BTOB Shows off New Dance Moves and Cars in Latest Teaser for “Beep Beep”

Following an overly sexy second teaser yesterday, BTOB has unleashed yet another teaser for their upcoming hip-hop track “Beep Beep.” 

While they had miniature cars in the first teaser, this time the members show off real cars while posing in a garage setting.

We also get a few glimpses of BTOB’s choreography, including a funny part in which two members crash into each other.

Watch the full teaser below!

For this special album, BTOB worked with producer Brave Brothers for the first time.  Their new songs range from R&B ballads to dance songs, and fans can also expect to hear two songs that were composed by the members themselves. Their album will be released in a few days on February 17, but you can already preview the tracks here.