Topbob Releases Rainy Day Teaser for Upcoming Single “Cloudy Day” Feat. Gaeko

Talented rapper Topbob has released the teaser for his upcoming single “Cloudy Day.” The new track will also feature Gaeko of hip hop group Dynamic Duo.

The teaser is set on a rainy day and shows a stylish woman on a bus who is fully prepared for the rain. She has rain boots, an umbrella, a jacket and even umbrellas painted on her nails. She also wears sunglasses, which seems out of place for a cloudy day. Near the end of the teaser, a mysterious man gets on the bus and captures the attention of the girl. What will happen next between these two characters?

Topbob’s upcoming single “Cloudy Day” will be released on February 20.

You can also watch the MV for Topbob’s most recent track “Run Awayhere.