Web Drama “Another Parting” Introduces Wang Ji Won’s Character ‘Hana’ in Teaser Video

The back story behind actress Wang Ji Won‘s character from the upcoming web drama “Another Parting” has been released in a new trailer. The character’s name is Hana, and she is abandoned by her love and the world. With her sad feelings, Hana decides to end her life by jumping off a bridge. As she ponders about her life at the edge of the bridge, actor Seo In Guk appears to stop her. The drama will then follow the last moments of their lives. The trailer ends with a scene of Wang Ji Won sobbing along with the question “What’s her destiny?”

The introduction teaser for Seo In Guk’s character will be released on February 16.

“Another Parting” will premiere on February 17 at 11PM KST. You can catch the drama on Loen Music official Youtube channel, Melon TV, Drama cube(www.dramacube.co.kr) and Naver TV cast.