Rocker Kim Bada Is a Fierce Fighter in Teaser #2 for Solo Album “Moonage Dream”

Rocker Kim Bada wraps his hands for an intense boxing session in his newest teaser for his first full length album “Moonage Dream.”

In the teaser, the rocker does a full boxing work out including jumping rope, hitting the bag, and shadow boxing while an intense electronic guitar melody is played in the background. The music played is ideal for hardcore workout sessions. This energizing melody of teaser two is much different from that the relaxing melody in teaser one.

 The rocker has also appeared on a KBS2‘s “Immortal Songs.” You can watch his memorable performance of “Maria” on “Immortal Songs” below.

Kim Bada is a veteran of the music industry with his career starting in 1995 with the rock band Sinawe. His upcoming album “Moonage Dream” will be in stores on February 19.