Ladies’ Code Teaches Choreography for “So Wonderful” in Video Dance Lesson

The lovely girl group Ladies’ Code have released a video dance lesson for the sexy choreography of their comeback single “So Wonderful.” The members teach the three main dance moves of the single: “wonderful dance,” “I am ground dance” and “bunny bunny dance.” The dances are done in front of microphone stands.

Members EunB and Sojung begin the segment by teaching the main dance of the song titled ”wonderful dance.” This dance involves moving your feet outwards and then sliding it back into its original position.

Members Ashley and RiSe teach the next dance tilted “I am ground dance” which features stepping and body swaying.

The last dance titled “bunny bunny dance” is taught by Ashley and Zuny. This dance features a bouncing motion while the members make rabbit ears with their hands.

Below is Ladies’ Code’s comeback performance of “So Wonderful” for M!Countdown.