Vibe Is Making Their Comeback with Album “Ritardando” Feat. Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung and Late Legend Kim Kwang Suk

Vocal group Vibe is making their comeback in less than a week on February 20, with their 6th album titled “Ritardando.”

“Ritardando” is a musical term meaning ’gradually slower,’ and as Vibe’s 6th album title, carries the meaning that Vibe, unlike the current rapid-paced Korean music trends, plans to take it slow with their own musical style, remaining for a long time in the hearts of listeners.

The album contains a total of 10 tracks of various genres such as country, tango, and classic jazz. Of the 10 tracks, Ryu Jae Hyun’s “Haeundae,” the title track that he devoted himself to for a long time, is the most ‘Vibe-like,’ and is sure to please the fans who have been waiting for this album. Moreover, with Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung featured on the song, “Haeundae” has an even stronger emotional impact. 

Also featured on the album is the late legend Kim Kwang Suk, with a remake of his hit “Love That Is Too Painful Was Not Love.” Working with Kim Kwang Suk’s voice, the recording for this song was as serious and careful as any. Kim Kwang Suk and Yoon Min Soo’s voices create a completely new harmony, and with Kim Kwang Suk’s solo voice kicking off the track, the song has an added emotional and nostalgic quality to it. 

Listen to the original “Love That Is Too Painful Was Not Love” below!