Behind-the-Scenes Stills of Lee Bo Young Shooting Her New Drama

Actress Lee Bo Young will be playing the role of a mother for the first time since her debut.

Lee Bo Young will be transforming into her character named Kim Soo Hyun in the new SBS Monday – Tuesday drama, “God’s Gift – 14 Days.” Kim Soo Hyun is a screenwriter married to a handsome lawyer husband with a cute daughter.

In the drama, Soo Hyun’s daughter (played by Kim Yoo Bin) suddenly dies. Soo Hyun’s life becomes filled with disorder, and she is on the verge of giving up on life. However, she warps back in time to two weeks before her daughter’s death and is given the opportunity to protect her daughter from her kidnapper.

 On February 7, on the set of the drama, Lee Bo Young transformed into her character Kim Soo Hyun. She dressed in casual attire matching her on-screen profession.

After the first day of filming the actress commented, “I wanted to attempt different genres. When I received the script for ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days,’ I was immediately captured by the thriller and fantasy storyline.”

In connection to her first mother role, Lee Bo Young said, “This is my first role playing a mother, and there is going to be many action scenes, so I’m a bit worried. However, I will work hard with the director, writer, and my co-stars to present a good drama.”

The production staff of “God’s Gift – 14 Days,” stated, “Lee Bo Young has charm along with her ability to express emotion and sincerity in her acting. We are confident she will be able to connect with viewers though her character Kim Soo Hyun to portray a story many people can relate to.”

Meanwhile, “God’s Gift- 14 Days” will begin airing once “Kind Words” concludes on SBS.

God's Gift - 14 Days God's Gift - 14 Days


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