Jung Yoo Mi Prepares Valentine’s Day Surprise to Jung Joon Young

Actress Jung Yoo Mi prepared a surprise event to her “husband” Jung Joon Young to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

On the February 15 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” the on-screen couple went on a trip to the romantic Jeju Island, known for being a popular destination among newlyweds. When they finally arrived at the hotel and started to unpack their suitcases, Jung Yoo Mi suddenly told her husband to look for a gift.

Jung Joon Young quickly grabbed his black guitar case, and he opened it to find his case filled with chocolate candies. However, Jung Yoo Mi said, “That is not all. Look for something underneath the chocolates,” and surprised him by hinting at a second surprise.

Soon, the rocker found a handwritten letter hidden inside the guitar case, and after reading it, he laid down on the bed to hide how touched he felt by the caring gesture. During an interview with the producers, he confessed, “I don’t know how to express it. It was nice.”

But this was not the end of Jung Yoo Mi’s special event, as she had prepared a Valentine’s Day song. She thanked her husband by playing the guitar and singing a self-made song with adorable lyrics.

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