MBLAQ’s Seung Ho Talks Rain, Dancing, and High School

MBLAQ’s leader, Seung Ho, talked about Rain when discussing his previous high school days.

On February 15’s SBS Power FM2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” MBLAQ’s Seung Ho, Thunder, and musical actor Im Ki Hong made an appearance the radio’s corner, “Talking About with a Star.”

On this day’s radio show, the MBLAQ leader talked about his high school experience when asked about how he had joined a dance club. Seung Ho responded, “Back then there was no such thing as a car black box, but the name of our dance club (black box) was inherited from the seniors who had been a part of the club before us.”

Furthermore, when asked if Rain had created the dance club, the MBLAQ leader said, “Rain was a part of the first dance group. He was the only one back then who danced at the school’s festival. That’s how the dance club continued to be passed down.”

When on the point of fellow classmates, Seung Ho admitted, “I was friendly to younger female students, but strict with the younger male students. It was an arts high school, so the seniority status was very strict. I had no other choice because I had to be act as the senior position.”

MBLAQ’s Seung Ho, Thunder, and musical actor Im Ki Hong will star together in the upcoming musical, “Moon Night.” Fans can watch the three on stage from February 21 to March 23.